Google Earth users:  Click image for a larger view of the aerial map of Breckenridge.  The Large-Rush Condo is marked by a yellow pushpin
Directions to Large-Rush Condominium in Breckenridge Village
700 Snowberry Lane #210, Breckenridge, CO 80424
Approaching from Denver:
  1. 1.Get on I-70 W and go Southwest for about 60 miles to the first Frisco Exit…exit will read “Frisco/Breckenridge”
  2. 2.Take the first exit from rotary onto CO-9 (Summit Blvd) and go Southeast for 1.7 miles to CO-9 S
  3. 3.Continue onto CO-9 S and go Southeast for 9.2 miles, through the town Frisco and finally through Breckenridge.  Turn right (west) on Broken Lance Rd at the Conoco gas station.  Broken Lance Rd will be the last stop light before leaving the town of Breck.
  4. 4.Turn right (west) on Broken Lance Rd  (the last stop light before leaving the town of Breck) at the Conoco gas station and continue to the three-way stop at Columbine Rd. 
  5. 5.Bear right onto Columbine Rd at the stop sign and follow it around until you can take your first left onto Snowberry Lane.  There is an assigned, heated parking spot below the building (use your door key to open the garage).  Park in #210.

Click image for a good old-fashioned map, made with a pencil and paper: